How to test sculling oars

Choosing new sculls for your own use or for your club’s use is a delicate process.  Getting the right choice is important and we often get asked “How do I test sculls?”

Our recommended methodology for testing sculls

Set up the two or three different designs of sculls to the same length and inboard that you have with your current/normal pair.

Go for a series of short rows – about 1-2 km each time…. come back and swap blades so you try each pair two times.

What to do during the row

During the row (have a speed coach on your boat) and do the same work each time you go out with a different pair of sculls

  • some steady state;
  • do a 3 minute piece at 26;
  • do a half slide rate build (to see how clean they are at the finish)
  • do a full racing start.

Try these with all the scull designs and if you have a coach or a friend who’d video your racing start then you can compare how your personal technique works with each type.

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