How to Steer the Fours Head

The Fours’ Head is raced on the Tideway this Saturday and sees a number of GB Rowing Team Olympians returning to racing after a post-Olympic break.
The start order, with full crew lists, is available at the Fours Head website.

Hammersmith Bridge – Photo from Wikipedia

As always on this stretch of river, steering a good course is vital. Time can be easily given away by being out of the stream.

Get ahead of the competition by doing your homework and learning the steering from a local expert who knows the river intimately, Martin Haycock.

Get the full, detailed steering guide for your crew sent to your in-box by going to this sign-up page.

Remember to check the course map for the locations of the green and red navigation buoys. Some of these can drift close to the racing line and usually catch out one or two crews.

Best of luck from Rowperfect!

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