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Master the art of Steering Henley

Did you compete at Henley this year?  Are you looking for ways to improve for next year? Perhaps you are hoping to race for the first time. Whether you’re racing Henley Women’s Regatta or Henley Royal Regatta, the course is the same for the first 1500 meters. Which station gives you the best chance of […]

How to Steer the Fours Head

The Fours’ Head is raced on the Tideway this Saturday and sees a number of GB Rowing Team Olympians returning to racing after a post-Olympic break. The start order, with full crew lists, is available at the Fours Head website. As always on this stretch of river, steering a good course is vital. Time can […]

Why your coxswain oversteers and how to stop it

This week, let’s talk about oversteering. You ask your coxswain to point further to center and, before you know it, she’s basically crossing the river. You have to throw out the results of competitive pieces because one of your coxswains’ zany courses disadvantaged her boat. Worse, your coxswains somehow slam their boats into each other […]