How to row brilliantly well every day

More for our psychology month – this time we take Dr Alan Watkins’ talk about how the human brain creates and delivers good performances.  Alan was a rower and worked with GB Rowing before the London Olympics.  In this talk he outlines the physiological influences on your performance.

If you track heart rate variability  for 24 hours we can predict

  1. when you’re going to die
  2. how much energy you’ve got
  3. what happens to alter your brain function – under pressure you do a DIY lobotomy and your frontal lobes shut down

In part one Alan demonstrates why this happens.

Why sporting performances vary

How to control your sporting performance

In part two Alan shows you how to control your physiology to deliver brilliant performances every day.

There are 12 aspects of breath regulation – the single most important is rhythm in breathing.

In the talk he describes the rhythm of rowing – blade in and blade out – even smooth pressure through the water.  Breathing in rhythm is key to controling your performance.  Remember this acrostic.

BREATHE – Breathe, Rhythmically, Evenly and Through the Heart Every Day.

Passion is the number one predictor of performance in all areas of life.  How is your passion for rowing?

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