How to look after your body for rowing


It’s the start of the racing season and you know your body is going to be tested every time you race and train at race pace.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to look after your body as well as you can?

International athletes have a huge support team who provide physiotherapy, nutrition, medical, psychology and strength and conditioning advice.

Club athletes don’t have that.  Time for a change – become your own support team.

Be your own rowing support team

Get access to deep insight into the extra services which can make a difference to your

Ben Rodford book how to support athlete Rowers, how to care for your body

racing performance in this ebook written by Ben Rodford.

Ben is a club lightweight athlete and his sister rows for GBR – so he knows exactly what the top guys get.  In his extensive research he’s found out ways that you can mimic the support team service for yourself – at no or very low cost.

If your crew wants to be the best they can this season, invest in a copy of Ben’s book today for £10.00 and start integrating his advice into your own training programme.  It includes sections on:

  • Nutrition
  • Flexibility
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Psychology

Coaches – use this book as a guide to the type of additional support which could be possible for your crew.  You may be able to find local experts to help.  We got trainee massage therapists in to try out their new skills on our crew one year – another time we had a physiotherapist join us on training camp free in exchange for her services.  Be creative and ask for help – you never know who knows someone who might be able to help.


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