How to keep facet joints mobile for rowing?

Facet joints are my issue. How do I keep them mobile while maintaining core strength?

The answer I have for you is from Kristin Marvin who is a movement specialist who rowed on the US

Kristin Marvin, movement specialist
Kristin Marvin, movement specialist

womens team).

Kristin says

It’s a loaded question! 

There’s so many things involved. 

The MAIN thing is DO NOT DO CRUNCHES and move as much as possible throughout the day (rowing does NOT count in the movement department).

When an athlete is strictly doing their sport it’s overuse of certain areas and underuse of others.

Rowers overuse their erector spinae group psoas and quadratus lumborum (hence too much back use) and not enough overall body use. 

Crawling, hanging, relaxed swimming, dancing even can help with mobility and stability. 

There’s not ONE thing you can do. Walking is great too! 

I hope this helps you.  Please mention Rowperfect if you decide to get in touch with Kristin.

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