How to improve your rowing 1% this season

There’s a great saying that if you can only improve your rowing by 1% you will win races.

Ben Rodford is an athlete who has tried many techniques just like Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body. And because he is a rower he gives the guidance you need on ways to ensure your body works optimally so it can perform all season.

When you’re in a national team there are a host of support services from nutrition to physiotherapy to help you.  But what can a club athlete do?

Be your Own Support Team

Ben distills his personal experience as a great lightweight athlete (Gloucester RC) with his insight from being a club captain, coach and sister to Beth Rodford in the GBR team.  Learn for yourself straightforward methods which can ensure you deliver the best possible performances this season.

Are you already selected in a crew?  – Buy a copy for the whole crew to read together.  Decide what your combined focus will be in order to improve the 1% you need to get to the final and win.

Ben Rodford's e book - be your own support team for rowing
Ben Rodford’s e book – be your own support team for rowing

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