How long should I train on the erg?

BJSM lower back pain rowers

I’m trying to locate an article from some months back, with no luck. It was written by an Irish woman rower, who also was an exercise physiologist or with some

British Journal Sports Medicine - lower back pain in rowers
British Journal Sports Medicine – lower back pain in rowers

other credentials. The thrust of it was about caution by Masters, and us Veterans, when using ergs for long periods of time, and a greater likelihood of back injury. This whole idea of half-hour slogs on the erg can be bad as we get older is starting to resonate with me, and I’d like to read it again. Can you give me a reference -where to find it in your excellent website?
Don Gilmour

The precise article you describe is not one I remember.

 Fiona Wilson addresses ergo training in Slide 13
Slide 35 discusses why ergo rowing is different from boat rowing in relation to Lower Back Pain (LBP)
Slide 44 discussed injury prevention on the ergometer.


But hey, we don’t mind because his question forced us to research all those other articles and how useful was that?

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