How can you fit more boats into your boat house?

When it comes to dealing with large, heavy objects (boats) and numerous people (club members), safety and strategic planning for space optimization are of the utmost concern.  That’s why we paid special attention to an interesting question we received from a boat club manager in the UK, who simply wondered, how can you fit more boats into your boat house?

Douglas Lumsden had the following suggestion: Designing the racking for the singles at an ‘offset’ on either side of the vertical has several benefits.  The boats are able to slide out with a minimal chance of riggers clashing, and it allows more boats to be stored in your club.  Couple it with the mobile anti tilt steps which allows you to easily get the highest boat down safely.

This photo displays exactly that, outfitted by Space Saver at the Lluka Rowing and Aquatics Club.
















We’re full of good ideas when it comes to managing the space and equipment in your boathouse.  What are you wondering?  Go ahead, ask us.

One thought on “How can you fit more boats into your boat house?

  1. Graham Cawood says:

    If you modify the riggers to CLIP ON, instead of bolt on, you can very quickly derig a boat. A local school has done this and gets 3 singles on each rack.

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