Hooray – Calf Skins are back in stock

Calf Protection, rowing calf skin, rowing slide bite

It’s been a while but our popular calf protectors “calf skins” are now back in the Rowperfect shop.Calf Protection, rowing calf skin, rowing slide bite

Designed to slip onto your lower leg and to give double-thick protection to the back of your legs where they rub against the slides, these are an essential part of some really famous rowers’ equipment.

Created with knit fabric and a grippy cuff, these are your essential protection device.

Slide Bites and Rowers Bum

Ok, picture this – it’s summertime.  You’re walking downtown and ahead of you is a girl (or guy – you choose): tall, bronzed, lean, athletic-looking . . .she’s looking good and you cast your eye downwards to the flick of the hem of her skirt (he’s wearing shorts), down the back of her legs  . . . and ah-ha, there marring this piece of perfection, there sparking that burst of recognition, there they are . . . the scars, the scabs, perhaps even the gaping wounds of the slide bite.  See slide bite photos 

Top rowers use calf skins

And just to show off, here’s Mahe Drysdale in action at the Head of the Charles with his calf skins in a promotional video by Fillippi.


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