Holiday rowing – does your club allow visitors?


Rowing friends – what is the policy of your Club regarding overseas (or non-local) visitors?

I went to the Seville Rowing Club today, and was asked to pay for one month’s membership (60 Euros). I would have wanted to row max. 3 times.

I have visited clubs in other countries, and never been asked to pay – but would expect to offer reciprocal rowing to visitors to Maidenhead Rowing Club which Captains in the past have supported.

A guest post by Karon Phillips


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  1. Richard Gosling

    Aberdeen Boat Club offers a similar approach to Seville (albeit somewhat cheaper) – temporary membership at £30/month.

    I’m not sure if we’ve ever been asked if someone can just borrow a boat for a couple of outings while on holiday (or whatever), for free, or even on a pay-per-outing basis. I suspect we’d probably refuse such a request, partly because they wouldn’t be covered by the club’s insurance if they weren’t a member, partly because we would have no idea if they had the skills to go out sculling unsupervised (assuming that a single scull would be the most likely request), partly because the club would gain nothing but would have something to lose (risk of damage to equipment etc.).

  2. Michael Hawkins

    Such negativity! A couple of years ago I visited New Zealand and entered the rowing events at the NZ Masters Games. A local club (Aramoho-Wanganui) made me very welcome with the result that I took part in 6 events. All that the club wanted was $5.00 for each training session, and I had a ball.

    Perhaps that all inclusive positive approach is why the Kiwis wipe the world in rowing.

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