Hi can you give us a rowing raffle prize?


I am the Head Coach at XXXX Rowing Club. The junior squad here is growing rapidly, and to help us with the development and keep them inspired we are holding a fundraiser in December to raise some funds to equip the squads so we can reach our goals of being an outstanding platform for young rowers from all backgrounds.

I was wondering if you would be willing to help us by donating some prizes for our raffle?

Thanks for approaching us.  Rowperfect would be happy to support you but we need some things from you first.

Yale Crew Cap Prize
Yale Crew Cap Prize

You see, fund raising is not just a one-way street – you need to offer us something before we’ll give you things back.

Questions to answer about your raffle

  1. Tell us more about your fundraiser, What will it be? When will it be? How long will it last?  How many raffle tickets will you sell?  What is the price?
  2. What do you want to buy with the money?  Can we help you with discounts for our products?
  3. What other publicity can you offer Rowperfect in exchange for our donation of a raffle prize?  Have you got a Facebook page, have you got an email list of all the parents?  Are you on our newsletter list?  Will other people join our newsletter list?  Can you send us photos of your fundraiser for our Facebook page? How many people are on the your Facebook page?  Will they hear about Rowperfect from you if we give you a prize?   Have you also got onto the Masters or Alumni Facebook group?

Here’s a series of blog posts we wrote about fund raising – they are full of good ideas which you may use in future.

Looking forward to hearing from you with lots of superb reasons why we should support your fund raising.


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