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Henley Royal Regatta roundup – Sunday

The headwind came back for sunday’s finals at HRR 2010 Thames Rowing Club celebrated its 150th anniversary with … read more

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The headwind came back for sunday’s finals at HRR 2010

  • Thames Rowing Club celebrated its 150th anniversary with a double row-past by a mens and womens eight containing multiple Olympic, Henley and World Championship medallists.
  • Steward, Annemarie Phelps, was part of the Thames RC row-past and gave herself a blister – which burst painfully.
  • Rosemary Knapp, British Rowing National Manager was handed a flyer by the Maliki cocktail bar, it had the British Rowing logo on it and she ‘went ballistic’ said an observer.  Despite being offered ‘real money’ she refused to allow them to continue to use the logo and so they had to cut the corner off the offending flyer.  Take the money, we say.
  • Tideway Scullers won the first race of the day, the Britannia, and continued their memorial of past President, Andy Ripley.
  • The Kiwi influence:
    • Gordon Trevett, coach of losing Prince Albert University of Bristol crew
    • West End RC entered the Diamonds and the Thames
    • Waiariki RC (the NZ national club) are in 3 finals (Goblets, Princess Grace, Grand)
  • Leander Club showed poor sportsmanship at the finish line of the Prince of Wales when stroke Hockley cried “we got ’em” and then the crew failed to give the losing crew, Tideway Scullers, the traditional three cheers.  Bad form.
  • A regular car park spot under a tree in Lion Meadow enabled one couple to hang both a basket of flowers and a yellow stuffed monkey.  Go figure.
  • A movie about the Winkelvoss brothers who founded a rival to Facebook and also  rowed for Harvard and the USA was filmed during the lunch break.  A mock re-enactment of the Grand Challenge Cup final between the Dutch national crew and Harvard in 2004. was filmed during the lunch break.  The movie is provisionally titled The Social Network.  Spectators were encouraged to support the crews in “the usual way” and they were presumed to have given consent to being filmed by remaining to watch.
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2 thoughts on “Henley Royal Regatta roundup – Sunday

  1. Dave, the prettiest photographer was Dutch and she was working with another Dutch fellow who is writing a book about Olympic single sculls champions. Sadly I didn’t get her name…. sigh!

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