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Henley Royal Regatta roundup – Friday

A mixed day at Henley – sunshine and drips of rain.  The regatta proceeds smoothly (as ever) and … read more

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A mixed day at Henley – sunshine and drips of rain.  The regatta proceeds smoothly (as ever) and the first rounds of the Grand were fabulous with Canada beating USA and New Zealand beating the Cambridge Boat Race crew.

More decorative outfits have arrived with male ornamentation and loud shirts and shoes joining the parade of fine frocks and heels.

  • New Zealander pair bowman Eric Murray was spotted in the Bridge Bar at lunchtime on Thursday facing a pint of lager.  Probably just having a quick catch-up with his Mum!
  • The Rabbit, got out of his handbag and kindly posed for us beside the Rowperfect news page.
  • I kicked over a jug of Pimms accidentally while trying to find my friends in the Fawley Bar – mortifying.
  • Umpire George Hammond had an incident with his own flag while starting a race, he swept the red flag down to commence racing and the fabric flew into the water leaving him with just a stick in his hand.  By the time he returned to the start for his next race the flag had been retrieved, dried, folded and was handed back.
  • The Stewards luncheon included an iced lolly on a wooden stick that included a joke (gasp); How many Stewards does it take to change a light bulb?  CHANGE?
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