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Life of an Olympian

So life can be pretty boring during competition. We are staying out by the course in a hotel. Us, the Canadian team, as well as the American, Italian and Greek rowing teams are all out here in the same hotel. Though we don't have much interaction with the other teams, there are simply friendly exchanges in the hallways. We are quite isolated. There aren't any shops or cafes near by, and Shunyi (the closest city) is about a 15-20 min cab ride away.

Our team has a conference room that we have turned into a hang out area; we can play cards, and watch some Olympic coverage on tv with Mandarin commentary. I have to say, I've seen less Olympic coverage of this Olympics than I've ever seen in my entire life. Being at the Olympics needs to be the absolute worse place to actually see the Olympics! Typically I watch television for about two weeks every two years, when the Olympics are on. Previous Olympics I have spent hours sitting in front of the television watching everything and anything that is covered. Even table tennis and shooting is suddenly extraordinary entertaining to me as long as it is part of the Olympics. (Sorry to those table tennis enthusiasts).

So here I sit going a bit stir crazy, waiting for the next rowing practice, or meal time. Naps and reading fill out the gaps in between. Life sure is glamorous here in Beijing.

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