Head Race Rowing / Sculling Training Programme

Going racing this winter? Head Races are key performance improvement indicators for your crew.head race

This week, Jimmy Joy shared the training programme he is using for two scullers who he’s training for the Head of the Charles.

53 minutes into the Rowing Chat SoundCloud podcast he runs through in detail.

Here’s our summary:

Monday 20′ @24 plus weights
Tuesday 4′ @24; 4′ @ 28 x 5
Wednesday 5′ @28-30 x4-6 plus weights
Thursday 3 mins each light @22; firm @26; full pressure @30 x 4. Rest = 4 mins
UT2 every 12 minutes up 2 rate 20/22/24/26/28
Friday technique
Saturday 2 x 45′ @22. Rest = 10 mins
Sunday 15-20 kms @22-28


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