Gloves for rowing

Diehards won’t use gloves – but anyone who has suffered the agony of deep blisters will appreciate these rowing gloves.

Designed with rowing in mind the elasticated fingers allow knuckle bend and the textured palm is for your feathering hand.

Take a detailed look at the full range.

rowing Gloves hand protection
Snug fit and protection where you need.
Rowing glove - articlulated fingers
Rowing glove – articulated fingers
Smooth palm for rowing outside hand

One thought on “Gloves for rowing

  1. Joann says:

    Blisters are an indicator that you need to have a lighter touch on the oar. My rowing history is University of Washington, Lake Washington Rowing Club, Pocock Rowing Club, Greenlake Rowing. etc. Coached by Frank Cunningham and Charley McIntyre with an occasional bit of Stan Pocock or Bill Titus thrown in. Gloves may be fine but you really do lose the ability to have a touch that hooks the oar instead of “heaving on it”

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