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Getting started on Rowperfect for coaches

We recently got contacted by a University rowing club with an enquiry about how a Coach can get started using Rowperfect.

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We recently got contacted by a University rowing club with an enquiry about how a Coach can get started using Rowperfect.

I have recently been hired as the head coach for a University; thisprogram has 4 rowperfects and I have never used them before. I'm not sure how old they are and if they are "set up correctly". I was not able to find a user's guide or set up guide on your website so thought
you might be able to forward on any helpful information.

Here's our reply:

We are sure you will find the Rowperfect a great asset to your program. There is a full RP manual for owners [email us for your copy]. This should be a really helpful starting point.

Also read this page About Rowperfect And this page about under/overtraining. There are a lot of links off the first page – read them all.

There's a lot about how to use your Rowperfects to improve the power alignment of your athletes and their technique.

Further Rowperfect FAQs

I also suggest you find out whether you have the interface and computer software for the Rowperfect. The old software was written in DOS and there is a new version written for Windows (RPW). Here is information about the RPW software

If you have interfaces (little black box set against the fly wheel from under the main frame), you will need to mail these off to us for reprogramming. The Windows software is really easy to use and can be kept on a laptop or PC but not a Mac.

Training your athletes by having them copy the power curves of top international athletes is a great way to get them on the way to learning how to deliver strong power in the water. Here are a load of Free power curves for you to download and start to use immediately. They include Mahe Drysdale the New Zealand single sculler and World Champion and some top female athletes (heavy and lightweight).

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