Get the World Champs updates by email

Many of our customers get our news in an email direct into their in-boxes.  If you would like to get the World Championships updates here’s how:

Get it delivered!

If you’d like to get the news in your in-box, or to your Facebook Wall, Twitter direct message, Linked In – subscribe using the box over on the right sidebar.

Yup that’s the one – where it says “Feedblitz enter your email”.  Just next to the pretty orange box with radio waves.

You will get an email with a link to confirm your subscription which you’ll  need to click to activate.

Here’s an illustration of all the different ways you can receive the Rowperfect news

News delivery options for Rowperfect

Then after the Worlds is over, just unsubscribe using the link provided in the footer to the email updates you receive.  Or continue to get our occasional mailings with news, interviews and product informaiton.  The next one will be about Christmas presents – yikes…

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