There’s something very kiwi…

Things authentically New Zealand are highlighted by the locals  as they proudly show off their country to us visitors.  We enjoyed a window display in the bank in Cambridge called “kiwi as”.

Authentically kiwi
  • Jandals
  • Bell’s tea
  • Weetbix
  • L&Ps
  • Watties tomato soup
  • Tomato sauce dispensers in tomato shapes
  • Pineapple lumps
  • Buzzy Bee
  • The longest  drink in town
  • Marmite
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Pies
  • Pavlova
  • Chelsea sugar
  • IGA corner stores
  • Edmonds home baking cook book
  • Mooloo mascot
  • All Blacks
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