G-Clip Rowing shoe system


The G-CLIP rowing shoe system has been in development for two years working toward a competitive, affordable and form-fitting shoe cleat system for the rowing world.

G Clip rowing shoes in rowing boat G Clip rowing shoes in rowing boat

We have trialed in many clubs and have worked with two kinesiology professors in determining the competitive advantage to a quicker heel engagement with the foot board, which our new product is designed to do.

Why quick heel engagement matters in rowing

The foot needs to fully compress to deliver the forces generated from the catch into the drive. The direct path of these generated forces comes from the fully engaged foot through the legs and into the shoulders and into the drive power. This has proven itself out with our system on the erg machines, with lower times over a 2k piece.

A complete understanding of how forces are both generated and delivered has been translated into our G-Clip system.The residual loss of force by only utilizing the ball of your foot results in timing issues in the delivery of these forces as incomplete. Our proprietary heel design allows for a full and complete reach, setting up the drive as a full cycle.  We also provide a durable and comfortable sized shoe, which is also available in custom club and school colors.

The erg trials we have completed range in improved times, depend upon the experience and advanced training of the rower. We have helped less competitive rowers realize the importance of this foot engagement to the point of them being accepted at US Division 1 schools, thanks to the benefits of our proprietary shoe cleat system technology. Our system helped to deliver the proper ergonomic development for every stage rower.

Benefits of the cleat shoe system

G Clip Shoes in bag
G Clip Shoes in bag

The ability to properly deliver these forces through the leg have seen less stress and delivered more power and more endurance over the performance of the 2k. We are still studying the long-term effects of a smoother transition of body movements as a result of cleaner force transmissions. Comments have been very positive as to how comfortable the rower feels at the end of these 2k trials. Removing any unnecessary foot movement so the rower can concentrate on perfecting their stroke while delivering the full power they are deriving from the catch delivers a psychological advantage that cannot be overstated.

The aesthetics of providing club and school colors with our shoes is something no one else offers. This product will be in full delivery to the market in the second quarter of 2018. Please feel free to call to discuss the above and how we can work to help make you, your club and/or school the most competitive force on the water!

Visit G Clip Row web page for contact information as it will maintain that information as we update towards our new product.

Gerald L. Strickland Jr.


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