Fancy Head Racing in France?

Rowperfect would like to cover more rowing news from non-English speaking countries.  And our reader, Philippe Chouvel kindly got in touch and has sent us this article about a French Head Race which he started and runs.

I would like to send you some words about what we are doing here about rowing and sculling in France.
I live near Angers (France) and my rowing club is “Angers Nautique Aviron“.

And 23 years ago, I created a race, which is beginning to be well known, at least in France, and for some clubs, in Great Britain.
This race is known as “La Coupe des Dames” for the ladies, and “La Coupe des Messieurs” for the men. It consists of a heart shaped circuit in three rivers just outside the city, lasting about 15 kms.  The boats used are the 8x+ (octuple) and 8+.

It now takes place in the middle of October, the ladies race on the Saturday afternoon, and the gentlemen on the Sunday morning. Lots of fun and a lot of strategy for coxes !!! Best times are around one hour, and some even less…!!

You may find more pictures on the subject through Facebook or Google+

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