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Everything is wrong with how we coach beginner rowing!

Expert rowing author, Jim Flood has come out fighting with his latest ebook A Manifesto to improve club rowing … read more

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Expert rowing author, Jim Flood has come out fighting with his latest ebook A Manifesto to improve club rowing for beginners. 

Jim sees so many opportunities being missed as clubs fail to teach the basics of rowing and sculling to a high standard.

We could be doing this so much better.

Investing in the right tutorial techniques and the sport of rowing could grow far beyond its current participants around the world.

Think for yourself – how were you first taught to row or scull?

How often do you get asked to coach athletes who have not been properly taught how to feather, how to get into a boat safely, how to do an emergency stop in a boat?

Too many. And it’s damned annoying.  Because you have to go back to teach basics to just one person in a crew which is boring for the others and makes it hard to stick to your outing plan and the programmed work.

That is why Jim wrote this book.  This is his clarion call to rowing club committee members, to all coaches to wakeup, shape up and start proactive changing the way we teach beginners.  For the good of the sport – share this book, print it, pin it to the club noticeboard, email it and put it on Linked In and Facebook.

If you are one of the coaches or clubs that “gets it” consider it your duty to drive the message further into the community.

The book’s contents

  • Why we are failing many of the beginners we need in rowing, how to make the sport more accessible and inclusive.
  • Who should be teaching people to row, why the teaching of rowing should be seen as a key investment for the future.
  • How to introduce and welcome new members of the club.
  • Andragogy – How you will be successful in teaching adults how to row.
  • How to handle grooving, haptics, kinaesthetic learning and muscle memory.
  • How to encourage the beginners and give positive feedback.

A Manifesto to improve club rowing for beginners is available for free download in the Rowperfect online store.

If you enjoy Jim’s carefully crafted and strongly educational approach to discussing our sport, below are links to other books also written by Jim Flood available in our online store.

Rowperfect is the leading website for your continuing rowing education. We challenge the orthodoxy and find the best ways for you to enjoy the sport of rowing.  Rowperfect seeks new solutions to old problems and freely shares expertise.

We want an army of 100% satisfied customers who are delighted with the products they buy from Rowperfect.  And a crowd of raving fans on social media who talk rowing with their friends. 


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