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Engineers studying women in rowing

We got an enquiry from a reader which is a great challenge “A group of Engineers are looking … read more

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We got an enquiry from a reader which is a great challenge
“A group of Engineers are looking for any and all information on boat dimensioning and or females who row. Currently the search engines we use aren’t producing the results we need. If you can point us towards the right direction for getting this information, that would be very beneficial.”

so does anyone know of published sources illustrating information for engineers about women and rowing or sculling boats?

I can think of Mike Davenport’s MaxRigging website which has a lot of things about rigging.

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2 thoughts on “Engineers studying women in rowing

  1. Check out ansys advantage magazine, issue about sports simulation. There is an article about cfd (computional fluid dynamics) simulation of rowing boats therefore they must have made geometry model of a boat. cheers!

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