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End 2014 with some rowing club fundraising!

While we’re sad to see the 2014 year go, it certainly is a great excuse to throw on … read more

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While we’re sad to see the 2014 year go, it certainly is a great excuse to throw on a big event and earn some extra dollar for your rowing club. Together with Space Saver Rowing Systems (experts in boathouse storage technology) we’ve put together some great December 2014 Rowing Club Fundraising ideas:

Row To Santa Challenge

Here’s an interesting idea – calculate the distance from your rowing club to the north pole and run a “row to santa” erg-a-thon, where a team of rowers join forces to row the entire distance in a certain time frame all in one go! It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to get the spirit of Christmas involved with your rowing club.

Straight Up Christmas Party

Want a collection of Christmas themed ideas? Here’s a host of them that may suit your rowing club…

Secret Santa- Hold a Secret Santa evening for your neighborhood where everyone who comes along brings a present and adds it to the prize pool. They then buy a raffle ticket to go into the prize pool and draw straight from it to win something small! With the raffle proceeds going towards your club and everyone laughing about the random gifts they’ve gotten, it’ll be a fun evening for all.

Community Gift Wrap- Help out your community by wrapping their Christmas presents in exchange for funding. This takes the stress of gift wrapping away from the community while feeling like they’re giving to a good cause, so leaves everyone feeling that little bit merrier.

Santa Hat Competition- A fun and creative way to raise funds for your club, get the community to join in a fundraising contest for the best Santa hat they can each create. Then award the winner a prize. To get more community engagement and funds raised, use local heroes and community members to judge the contest.

Deck The Boathouse- Fill the boathouse with festive decorations and hold a party to celebrate the successes of your club this year. Get some big wigs involved and making it a fancy Christmas party to maximize funds and media interest.

Murder Mystery Evening

If festive fun isn’t your thing, perhaps intrigue is a better way to end your year. Create a complex and fun murder mystery evening starring your best athletes as the contestants and rowing accidents as the causes of murder. Grim, yes, but highly entertaining and engaging with your club specifically. It not only helps the community support you, but gets them to know your greatest rowers and why you’re the club they should be supporting.


Our challenge to you this year is to create, manage and send out a monthly newsletter that keeps all your supporters in the know with the successes and activities of your rowing club. If done well, it’ll result in more fundraising support and more club members! Flick us an email if you need any help.


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