Drew Ginn has a new post and some photos


Drew Ginn has updated his blog with a mirror-image post to Duncan Free, his pairs partner. He philosophises about fulfilling your ultimate rowing potential, plus he has some photos.


What the heck am I on about here. I have to say the World has been turned up side down and side up down. Oh and then there has been a little down side up and side down round. So if you are still with me then your probably a little dizzy which would give you a curious feeling of unease or loss of where abouts. It is true that I have been have issues with my back and this has created a challenge, but one we are working with.

How bad is it? That I cannot full explain, but what I can say is we sill have no excuses. Our heat and semi have been shared and shown we are ready. The outside does not always represent the inside but we are poised and ready for our final. Actually the inner World although challenged is clear and with that I know what has to be done. It has been unorthodox, in fact extremely unorthodox. This I will go into more after the final. For now I am focused and very much relishing the experience with Chris and Duncan as we go through this final phase of preparation.

What is pain anyway? One great friend once said it is simply a signal that goes to your brain. How you interpret that signal is critical. Back pain is no different to any other pain. Your mind creates an image of your body and with that maps what is going on. The experiences of 2000 have given me great insight into this situation and the support team around us here is first class and we have all hands on deck to enable me to get in the boat and perform with Duncan to our best.

That is what is has always been about. It is simple, we are here to do our best performance ever. This will satisfy us and this will create the best possible outcome.

It is not just us out there when we row we have so many behind us willing us along and pushing with us every stroke. It is almost as if we just need to allow it to flow and let all the energy to come through us and play out as a best performance. Strange as it may sound, we are inspired.

Everything has changed but it has also stayed the same. We have been forced to, and also made prompt and deliberate choices and have our plan that has been modified, but in principle is no different. It is a strange World, yet familiar and one the seems to repeat but with a newness. I don't know this all would sound crazy but it is like getting a second chance at something. An opportunity to relive and be, do and try things differently. When all this is done we have a funny story to tell, but then again we may never share it.

As for the outside we have seen the results of the semis and have discussed the situation. Watching other events it is no surprise that the upsets have come and appeared here. Many names have not presented themselves as we would all expect. It was always going to be the way here. The environment is different and challenging. Personally I love it. It has thrown a few curve balls at us all and how we cope and thrive is the test.

That's it I feel like we have been tested. We are being tested and every second, every minute, hour and day matters. Everything counts and in a bizzare way it doesn't. (more of that for another time) That's the strangeness that is unrecognisable and yet I care about it. It is personal as a friend requested. We don't make it personal, it just is. This is hard to follow which is complete contrast to rowing behind Duncan. To drop in, slot in and match up is my role, and one made easy behind the big guy. Talking about big…

It has been made known to us that we are a little off the radar with relation to the big names of the games and the big names of the Australian team. To me that is just fine. We are low key and clear about of task.

Duncan strokes the boat. I could say more but no need to. I sit in the bow and keep the boat straight and call the race plan. Nothing else really to add, but this…

We will have our best row of our lives on Saturday. Our best and nothing less. This is clear and we will simply be bold to row the way we know makes to boat go well. Our rhythm, length and drive is a template that we have created, developed and mastered. Well let me take a step back. After Sat if we perform our plan then that will mark the moment we have mastered.

Here's to being unorthodox and even un-unorthodox. If you have worked it out then you see clearly what we will do on Sat.

  • May all the Australian rowing team have great racing and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.
  • To sign off here all I add is…

Thanks Emoto


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