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Dreher sweeps – user feedback

The Cambridge Vetera Women tried out some new Dreher Apex sweeps for the Womens Eights Head last Saturday.

Here’s what they said….

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The Cambridge Vetera Women tried out some new Dreher Apex sweeps for the Womens Eights Head last Saturday.

Heres what they said….

Susanna (4) I normally scull and so sweep oar blades always seem too big to me this first time I pick them up. But these were fine and they felt comfortable, familiar yet powerful right away. And although my first encounter with them was at WeHORR, I did not come away with new blisters on my hands.

Maria (Bow) I thought they were superb, very well balanced and positive all the way through the water. I felt I got hold of the water quickly and held on to it all the way through to the finish – a lovely feeling! My only reservation is the handles, particularly the lack of grip for the outside hand. A few times during the race I was aware that my outside hand was starting to slide down the handle slightly – easy enough to move back to the right position but its one extra thing to have to think about.

Otherwise, the handles are comfortable – and I had no new blisters, which is almost unheard of after racing with new blades, so Im not complaining too much.

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