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Dreher Debuts new designs

The DreherAero is a revolutionary design- the first oar that attempts to overcome speed decreases on the recovery. The result – a shaft shaped like an aerofoil.

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These new sculling oar designs were announced at the FISA Coaches Conference in Paris, November 6-8. The Dreher Aero is a totally new oar for 2009.

The Dreher Aero is a truly revolutionary oar with every aspect of the design, manufacturing process and even the type of carbon used a radical departure from current oar production methods. The result is the first oar that attempts to overcome speed decreases on the recovery. These are due to air resistance on the oar shaft and blade as they both move in the same direction at maximum boat and oar shaft velocity. The result – a shaft shaped like an aerofoil.

A detailed Dreher Aero specification page with more details including timescales and engineering design details.

DreherAero catch

DreherAero drive

DreherAero recovery

DreherAero squared
DreherAero overhead feathered

DreherAero overhead squared

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2 thoughts on “Dreher Debuts new designs

  1. Dear RowPerfect team,

    In the past similar designs have been manufactured. It was found that looms with a narrow leading edges tended to decapitate swans, when hit at high speeds. Has there been any changes from the early designs?


    Thomas Harris

  2. Thomas

    It’s too early to say because here in the UK we haven’t tried any Aero sculls at speeds yet. But I will be sure to tell the manufacturer.

    But I’ll be sure to let you know so that you can do some testing on the Worcester swans!


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