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Revolutionary Rower

We have basically revolutionised the leg, seat and bar configuration – the result is a lighter and much easier to use Rowperfect. This first unit has undergone extensive testing already and the news is: so far, so good!

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We received an update from the Rowperfect Manufacturer this week. Here is his message in full.

At last! A brief update and some progress photographs. We do apologise for the delay since the last Update, we hope that the attached photographs of the Indoor Sculler are some compensation for that delay.

We have basically revolutionised the leg, seat and bar configuration – the result is a lighter and much easier to use Rowperfect with a reduced footprint – note the angled legs and increased seat height in the “Comparison” photographs. This first unit has undergone extensive testing already and the news is: so far, so good!

We will be in touch soon with a more extensive update.

Meanwhile, here are the photos. The new Indoor Sculler has a flexible attachment between the chain and handle to simulate the 'give' in the oar when it enters the water; it was photographed without the MKIV monitor installed. You can see the resistance adjustment is a sliding panel over the flywheel cage. It stores upright or horizontal.

Hover over each image for a description.

Right side Rowperfect and Indoor Sculler compared Top view of Indoor Sculler and Rowperfect compared Rear leg and seat comparison of Indoor Sculler and Rowperfect Leg comparison of Indoor Sculler and Rowperfect

Left side view of Rowperfect

And for the sharp-eyed, yes we did spot that the old RP doesn't have a seat!

There’s no delicate way to put this. If you’re a regular Rowperfect reader, you’re just . . . well . . . smarter than most people looking to improve their rowing, sculling, coxing or coaching.

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6 thoughts on “Revolutionary Rower

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the update. I feel very positive about the many improvements of the design. Moving the fan close to the slide will reduce vibration and tendency to shudder when using firm pressure. Styling looks great and all metal foot plates much slicker, though the previous plywood ones were nice too. If the price in Europe can be kept similar to the C2 Model D it will do well. Don’t be in a rush to bring to market if there’s more work on styling you want to follow up. I know I buy on looks.

    Very best wishes
    Terry, NSRC, Staffs, England.

  2. Just wonderig whether placing the flywheel this close to your feetwon’t alter your erg movement
    .But you guys obviously looked into that before making this model….

  3. How was the feedback from the unit you showed at the Head of the Charles?

    Any more progress reports?

    And someone said they wished the slide was as long as the original one…

  4. Richard

    The feedback was generally positive at the HOCR. A couple of design suggestions about the hook for the handle were received.
    The effective slide length is LONGER than the original. By limiting the seat movement to 50cm this leaves 150cms of movement for the flywheel down the slide. In the old version, if the seat came further than 50 cm from the back leg (which it frequently did) this reduced the available length correspondingly. It mostly showed up with very tall athletes (over 2 meters) where the room for seat position variation was reduced.

    Thanks for your continued interest in Rowperfect.


  5. Interested in the “new” rowperfect, but curious if it available now or will be soon. Also, looked around the DBC site for pricing and found none. Whats the USD MSRP?



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