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Dreher Aero sculls reviewed

The USA Rowing News magazine wrote a review of the Dreher Aero sculls in the December issue 2008.

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The USA Rowing News magazine published an article written by coach Topher Bordeau as a review of the Dreher Aero sculls in the December issue 2008.

Two things affect the speed of rowers and their equipment: propulsion and drag.and while there's only one source of propulsion, drag comes from two places: the water through which you propel your shell, and the air moved by you and everything not in the water. The faster you go the greater the drag.And whil shells have always been designed to reduce the drag of water on the hull, few products have sought to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

Dreher's new Aero sculls utilize the same design trick to get more aerodynamically friendly and increaase propulsive force…

Dreher Aero sculls review article

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