Do you scull with a friend?

The Sculler’s Mirror by Coxmate

If you do, we have great news!

For a limited time, buy two for £25 and save £5.00 (Usually £15 each!)

Don’t get a sore neck turning every second stroke and don’t live in fear that you are about crash every other stroke. The Coxmate mirror solves this problem!

This large mirror mounts onto the brim of a cap enabling a ‘rear view’ to be maintained while sculling or rowing coxless boats.

This natty addition to your equipment is 48 mm diameter and made from scratch-proof glass. The angle and pitch can be adjusted by bending the wire – it is designed to be bent.

The sculler’s mirror is also suitable for Bow/Frontloader coxed 4s, where the ability to turn to see behind from the bow is restricted.

Purchase the Sculler’s Mirror Bundle now!

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