Coxswain log book giveaway


We have 3 Good Coxswain Guide log books printed and ready to give to you.

They are great for teaching & mentoring coxswains who want to improve their skills.

Email us using our contact page including your name, rowing club and postal address – the first three to reply will be mailed a copy.

If you miss out, get your own copy from the Rowperfect store – FREE.  Or buy the set of 12 on Special Offer



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  1. Kristina Landefeld

    Hi! I’m emailing about the Cox Guidebook Giveaway. If I am #1, 2, or 3, please mail my book to 101 Arch St., Verona, Pennsylvania, USA 15147. If I am not, I will continue being an avid reader of RowPerfect!

    Many thanks!

  2. ||Stan Collingwood

    Free Coxing guide please. I am coaching Senior men at Tees RC

  3. Hope Pinkerton

    Would love a copy of the logbook for our program!
    Best, Hope
    Montgomery Blair Crew

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