Coxmate software update

Coxmate SX

Here is the link to the latest Coxmate PC software for use with the GPS unit or SX unit:!ArGjTGFOyj2wgYYmvvhrmhItQ9K5SQ

This now allows you to right click and “select partial record” which then is exported as a new record.  It means you are able to break down the pieces/session into the one race or parts of the race for analysis.  This also means the summary data tabled is for the race (selected piece) only. 

Thanks to all those that have been providing feedback – please keep it coming.  We are committed to improving the software with some good changes in the pipeline that will make it is easier and more intuitive to extract the data you need.

As always if you think we can make our products better please tell us!

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