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Coxmate GPS gets rave user reviews

Paul Doleman sent us this great review of his recent purchase of a Coxmate GPS. Coxmate GPS what’s … read more

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Paul Doleman sent us this great review of his recent purchase of a Coxmate GPS.

Coxmate GPS what's in the box Coxmate GPS what’s in the box

I went ahead and bought one so I could assess it myself. First impressions are excellent. The heart monitor is proving very useful for proper UT2 training and the data capture and analysis is excellent for reviewing performance after a race. I will be reviewing some of the features with my club mates during the next few weeks. I am predicting renewed interest as a result.

I am thinking of trying to get 5 of my club mates to commit to buy the Coxmate GPS bulk pack so we get a discount. Many of them are traditionalists and could not see the advantages of GPS over the impeller.

Blogger reviews Coxmate GPS

The ever-entertaining “pint sized” rower, Girl on the River has also written a really comprehensive review of the Coxmate GPS.

She describes her experience as being “A Luddite is Won Over”.
Read her full review.
So, how was it? Well, I  was surprised to find how easy the touchscreen was to use. It was clear, with nicely designed icons, and was super-easy to navigate. Once on the water, I found it easy to read as the screen is, helpfully, extremely bright, so even a quick glance is enough. I did encounter some difficulties resetting it during the outings, which involved tapping the screen several times – this didn’t always seem to work for me, but as I am a technical dullard this was, I’m quite sure, entirely my fault.

The more I used it, the more I found I was hungry for the information. We are, of course, just heading into regatta season and rowing in different line-ups, so I found it really interesting to know how fast we were going and what our coverage actually was. Puddles, let’s face it, whilst less prosaic, are not wholly reliable as an indicator of speed. I can see that if you were in a more organised training regime than I am, it could provide invaluable feedback on what (and who) worked in the boat, plus the tools to analyse it afterwards.

Buy Coxmate GPS
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