Commonwealth Beach Sprint Rowing Regatta


There’s an exciting new format for rowing races called Beach Sprint Rowing.  RowingChat interviewed Guin Batten and she talked about improving the “excitement factor” with a race concept that includes a lot of “jeopardy”.  This is now the first ever 2018 Commonwealth Beach Sprint Rowing Regatta to be held in Poole, UK.

rowing, beach sprint rowing Beach Sprint Rowers carry their boat

This summer there is a brilliant opportunity to race

The new rowing race format is growing rapidly around the world and is in the Mediterranean, Asian and African Beach Games.

2018 Commonwealth Beach Sprint Rowing Regatta Poole, UK.

With so many island nations in the commonwealth it is an ideal format for smaller nations to support rowing’s inclusion into the future editions of the Commonwealth Games.
Format: 10 meter run – 250m slalom out and back – 10 meter run
Teams: 2 men, 2 women and a cox.
Events: CW1x, CW2x, CM1x, CM2x, CMix4x+, and the Relay.
Costs: There are some costs, but you can save money if you know people who live locally that can put you up,  if not the Organising Committee are offering full board for about £65 a night which is good value for Poole at the peak of summer.
Boats: the organising committee provide these.

If you live in a Commonwealth Country – put in your own team!

Here’s what you can do to get involved:

Word on the ground is that Scotland, Northern Island, Channel Islands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa have yet to select their crews. It could be you!

Guin Batten is the inspiration and driving force behind the event.

Beach sprint rowing is great fun, the excitement, the noise and beach atmosphere is so different to anything you have done in rowing before. More flip flops than blazers…come and be part of the action and have a chance to win a Commonwealth medal too.

Here are two videos to see what the action looks like:

Mediterranean Beach Games

Asian Beach Games


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