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Coaching the Coxswain with Chelsea Dommert: August’s RowingChat

Next on RowingChat, 19th August: From a young age, Chelsea has taken up sport like a fish to … read more

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Rowers Revenge

Next on RowingChat, 19th August: From a young age, Chelsea has taken up sport like a fish to water. She built up her rowing skills and experience at several organisations in Chattanooga and even became a youth rowing instructor there. She is incredibly active in the rowing community and provides insight on rowing while sparking discussion on many rowing subjects. As such, her rowing knowledge is vast, and she’s even contributed a book to the rowing world, Coaching the Coxswain. Find out more in our interview about her book here.  It is a carefully written three-stage programme for teaching skills to coxswains that will enable them to steer, communicate what you ask to the crew and race.

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