Can my club try a Rowperfect to see it it works?

We get asked a lot if you can try a Rowperfect before deciding to buy.  The answer (as long as you’re in the UK) is YES.

We’d be delighted to lend you a RP3 to try out.  Here’s how we set it up.

We send you a form for you to fill out to set out the terms of the agreement which your club has to sign.

The trial will last for a fortnight.  The only cost to you is the postage to return the RP3 to us in Shepperton.

Getting the most out of a Rowperfect trial

In preparation, I suggest you read some of the documentation on how to coach using Rowperfect – 

And some slides we used on a tour we did with British Rowing around UK rowing clubs

Read Ben Rodford’s blog post about how Gloucester Rowing Club has used the RP in their trial which may be a similar club to yours.


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