Can you donate boats to help a start-up club?

We got this message from a new reader, Stefan Stavrev from the Aquatica Ohrid Rowing Club in Macedonia asks

“Dear All,we are looking for second hand or donation skiffs for our new club for water activities(rowing school)”

If you can help Stefan, please email us and we will forward your contact details to him.


One thought on “Can you donate boats to help a start-up club?

  1. Gigi says:

    If you’re looking for a place to make a boat donation to I would recommend donating to Charity Boats. If you;d like your boat to benefit or go towards helping a certain program or group all you’d have to do is let them know and they try to do the best they can to accommodate that for you. Their donor forms are really simple,, and they get back to donors usually within a couple of business days. They provide you with a tax form, and in some cases you can get a free vacation voucher. their web site is if you’re interested.

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