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Burton Leander RC – what they think about RP

Burton Leander bought Rowperfects and this is what their Captain has to say…

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Two Rowperfects were bought by Burton Leander RC. We had an enthusiastic phone call with the Captain after they took delivery.

Heres what he said…

Ive only been rowing for 22 years and I think the Rowperfect is fantastic. Its better than the C2 sliders – we have eight of them. Once you got on; straight away it felt better. But once we linked it to the computer it blew me away!

We are getting people fitter than theyve ever been. They werent getting the return from the river work and now we can get them on a machine to show them how to put the work down to move a boat. Once they can see it on the computer (you can explain it until youre blue in the face) they are grasping what weve been coaching for the past two years.

Austin Roe, Captain, Burton Leander Rowing Club

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