Rowperfect for Windows RPW – Release Notes January 2007

Rpw : Rowperfect for Windows Update (January 2007)

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  • Recording, and then what?
  • Release Notes

Hi everyone,

again some small fixes this time. As usual, the full release notes can be found below.

You can download the software from the following URL

You can also obtain the latest version at any time, by sending an e-mail to  (subject and message body are not relevant). This will result in an autoreply mail being sent back within 10 minutes, with the installer of the latest version of Rowperfect for Windows attached as a ZIP file.

Rpw will only record data when connected to a MkIV monitor, or a re-programmed PC interface. This implies that upgrading from CARE/DOS to Rpw means getting your current PC interface re-programmed. Please contact your local Rowperfect agent for details, or contact Rowperfect Pty Ltd in Australia (

To try Rpw with older (non-re-programmed) interfaces, please obtain the Rowperfect for Windows TRIAL version by sending an e-mail to  (note the extra "t").

# How do I … ? —————————————————–
This months question:

Q. My old laptop seems to hang when doing long sessions with Rpw. Can
    anything be done about it?

A. Long sessions means accumulating lots of data. As Rpw stores all
    parameters of all strokes in a session, after 20 minutes (or even
    less, depending on computer hardware) the PC runs out of memory and
    processor power. There are 2 ways to prevent this to happen, aside
    from the obvious "don't do long sessions" 🙂
    1. Switch of the Strokedata chart in the Row window, by right-
       clicking it.
    2. Add a line to the INI file limiting the number of strokes
       visible in this chart (see release notes). All data will still
       be stored, but only the last x strokes will be visible during
       the session.

# Recording, and then what? ——————————————
Simple question: why should I record all this data for every stroke in the first place?
Simple answer: to analyse your work, real time (during the training
session) or off-line (when done), and thus monitoring performance, progress and athletes compatibility. With Rpw, you can analyse 2 files at the same time. To do a thorough analysis of larger amounts of data, try SEAN : Session Analysis.  See for details on SEAN.

# Release Notes ——————————————————

Version – January 9, 2007
* Support for reading MkIV files has been added. Now, MKS (Session),
   MKR (Strokes) and MKI (User settings) files can be read. These files
   are generated by MkIV monitors with software version 0.32 and later.

Version – November 5, 2006
* Right-clicking on the charts in the Row window was not possible when
   they had been set to "Empty" and the programme was re-started. This
   has been fixed.
* Running the programme on older hardware, with limited processor
   and/or memory capacity, could result in badly updated charts in the
   Row window, especially with long sessions (20 minutes and more). To
   address this, users can switch off the data chart on the right by
   right-clicking it, and selecting "Empty". Alternatively, one can
   setup the programme to just show the last x strokes, in stead of the
   whole training session. To do so, add a line "DataRange=x" in the
   INI file in the [Row] section, where X denotes the number of strokes
   to plot. The minimum is 5, meaning "always show at most the last 5

Version – July 30, 2006
* Some small fixes in the Manual have been made.
* Right-clicking on the training sessions list in any of the analysis
   windows will show a pop-up menu to (de-)activate the selected
   session and to set the chart properties. The same parameters can be
   set by either (un-)ticking the check box, or double clicking the
* When connected to an old-style PC interface, an obscure error
   message was displayed (the so called "protocol error"). This has
   been improved.
* The date limitation on Rpw, which used to be approximately two months,
   has been removed. From now on, the software does not expire any
   Please note: Rpw Trial still DOES expire after a couple of months
   trial period.

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  1. Dave Evans says:

    We are a suppler, service of fitness equipment in South Wales. We were wondering who is the agent in South Wales (UK) for Rowperfect


    dave Evans

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