Bristol University RC test Coxmate SX

Thanks to Sam the Captain for her extended test of the Coxmate SX.  If you would like to try out a Coxmate – get in touch.

Coxmate SX gives GPS speed for rowing boat coxswains
Coxmate SX gives GPS speed

Here’s what they reported.

  1. What comparable equipment do you usually use

NK Cox box

  1. How long / how many outings did you do?

Average 3 outings a week for 2 hours each

  1. What were your first impressions?

There was no fitting in our boats to keep it so difficult in bow loaders. Easy to use, charge lasted for whole sessions.

  1. When you did your first outing was it easy to use? And if it was not easy, what did you find hard or not intuitive?

You had to hold the microphone in place but the device itself is easy to use.

  1. Did you do any tests to compare to your previous equipment? (e.g. sound quality, speed or distance measurement). And what did the tests show? (please quote numbers if possible).

It wasn’t very loud so wasn’t favourable to use.

  1. What did the coach think?

Great idea and useful piece of kit for real time feedback in the boat.

  1. What did the athletes / cox think?

Because of the sound most chose to use our other cox boxes but the GPS is a great training tool and is good to have in the boat for real time feedback.


Note: Sam’s crew use an NK speaker loom with 3 speakers.  Newer looms by Coxmate and NK have 4 speakers giving improved sound distribution.  

Her need to ‘hold the microphone’ was about positioning the mic in front of the coxswain’s mouth. 

Coxmate SX is currently £69.00 cheaper than NK Coxbox in UK.


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