Bob Janousek and British Rowing

Bob Janousek on cover of Rowing Magazine.

During my Podcast interview with Hugh Matheson and Chris Dodd the name Bob Janousek came up a lot.

We got an email afterwards from Adrian Ellison and since he was coached by Janousek at the time, it is worth publishing,

Adrian writes

I think that Hugh was absolutely right to stress Bob Janousek’s importance in creating the foundations for a situation which Jurgen could then build upon 30 years later.

Bob Janousek on cover of Rowing Magazine.
Bob Janousek on cover of Rowing Magazine. Photo Credit: HearTheBoatSing

Not only the coaching system but also the belief amongst aspiring international rowers that we could win medals.

In my opinion, Jurgen simply was/is meticulous in applying his methods and processes. He doesn’t cut corners or make concessions. Like Spracklen, he knows what’s required to win, and tells you very clearly : follow my plan and it’ll give you the best best chance of winning. Every short-cut or concession will reduce that chance and increase the odds of losing.

Read more about Bob Janousek on the Hear the Boat Sing blog review of Pieces of Eight – Chris Dodd’s book about Janousek and his Olympians.

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