Before and after Rowperfect with Carlos Dinares

Carlos Dinares shows in these 2 videos a first time Rowperfect3 training experience with a rower just graduated from a college in Boston.  Chris and Carlos talk in these 2 videos before the workout- and afterwards  about learning from it.

The videos are live from Carlos’ website.

Here’s what the athlete, Chris, says

It was a breakthrough. similar to what I felt on the water when I got a really good lock and send. It wasn’t up in my shoulders, it wasn’t up in my upper body – it was all lower legs, it was the glutes, it was my butt. The first stroke I was feeling the burn sensation in the lower legs and butt area. It was like that from the first stroke to the last stroke of the piece end thirty minutes later. It was challenging, it was difficult.
I felt that if I did that every day I’d be in so much better shape and in better position than anything I’ve done before in terms of training.

10 minutes into that piece my body started to collapse and my curve started breaking up and becoming shorter. I noticed that …. my form kinda went to cr*p – I got it back for like two minutes. But it was an eye opener for sure.



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