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Atlantic Discovery world record row attempt

We are a team of rowers who are in our final year of preparations to row across the … read more

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We are a team of rowers who are in our final year of preparations to row across the Atlantic Ocean as competitors in the toughest rowing race in the world, The

Atlantic Discovery Talisker Challenge Team Atlantic Discovery Talisker Challenge Team

Talisker Whiskey Challenge. We all met while at university and now we will be testing our friendship on the white tipped waves of the Atlantic. The process of preparing for this event has been long and arduous, but together we have been able to weather the lows. It is this same bond that we believe will see us successfully make the Atlantic crossing. As a team we are nothing if not driven. We have climbed mountains and cycled in 24-hour races together. We are also strongly motivated by our cause to raise funds and awareness for the Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre and the MS Society. This cause is significant to me (Ben) and my family as my mum has been living with the condition for nearly 2 decades. It is through her determination and a supportive community that she was able to regain control over her life.

Why choose Ocean Rowing?

Ocean rowers are an inspiring, if not odd group of people. From the outside it would appear they are driven by some internal madness, but their truly impressive feats cannot be denied. While meeting with a group of past competitors from the 2015 race that the idea to do a very long indoor row was conceived. They informed us that despite the dangers of the sea, the single most challenging part of an ocean crossing is actually the relentless boredom of staring out at the same uniform scenery day after day. In their words you must ‘become comfortable being uncomfortable’. We have taken this advice to heart and while we wait for our boat to be shipped from Antigua, we have been completing mammoth 24-hour rows in an effort to train our mental toughness. These sessions have, if nothing else, given us a taste of what operating in an exhausted and sleep deprived state will be like.

Even though these sessions have been useful, we know that they are nothing compared to what we will really be facing out on the Atlantic Ocean. That is why we have decided to make our next indoor rowing session a big one!

World Record Indoor Row attempt

We’re going to be attempting to break the world record for the longest continual row by any individual on a Concept2 rowing machine. These records are not to be taken lightly, as the current record stands at 83 hours! In the process we hope to take the British and the Lightweight Men’s record of the same category.

It is our privilege that we have been able to work with Rowperfect who will be providing us with blister prevention equipment to see us through this event in no more discomfort than is absolutely necessary.

Rowing Blister Prevention

The Team will be using Rowing Gloves, Blister Tape and Rowers Hand Rub balm. Eucatape for rowing blister prevention

Rowers hand Rub balm Rowers hand Rub balm

Where to support the team


Event date: 29th March – 2nd April

Location: TheGym, Vauxhall, London

Ticket price: A loaf of Soreen (fruit bread) and a good conversation….

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