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Blister Prevention Bundle


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A bundle collection of blister prevention items that every rower should have in their arsenal!

No one likes blisters. They’re painful and can be a downright nuisance when you need your hands to be in tip-top shape for rowing.
Salty water can make your hands sting and prolong the healing process. Plasters will only last so long under exposed friction and you may not want to wear gloves all the time.

That’s where the innovative Eucatape and Rower’s Rub come in! Eucatape is a eucalyptus-infused rowing tape that provides anti-inflammatory properties whilst adding a protective layer over your sore hands. Rower’s Rub is a soothing balm made from natural ingredients that helps to mend sore, dry and chafed skin.

Add in a pair of rowing gloves and you’ve got all you need to start the rowing season in good shape (or go on camp and survive multiple training sessions each day).

Together, these two products can help to prevent blisters from forming where your skin experiences the most friction.


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