Appreciation for Tonia Williams rowing art

Feedback from a customer about Tonia Williams Rowing Art posters

Dear o4rsom!

Tonia Williams blue eight rowing art poster
Tonia Williams blue eight rowing art poster

Last week I heard from your supplier in England that the print I had hoped to buy was unavailable.
Then amazingly it arrived direct to me from NZ! I was so pleased.
I was buying it for my god-daughter’s 14th birthday. She took up rowing earlier this year and it seems like she has found her sport. I have seen her on the water and she looks like she was born to it. Her school has named her ‘Rower of the year’ and, as she proudly told me, that includes the boys as well!
She is also very keen on art so when I came across your work I thought she might like it. She does! She is very pleased with it and it is up on her bedroom wall already. Maybe one day she will emulate Tonia’s achievements.
Thank you so much,


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