An interview with Rowing Confessions

Rowing ConfessionsIn this article we interviewed the popular rowing Facebook page – Rowing Confessions. With over 5000 likes and regular fan contributions it is no wonder this page has taken off.

What first gave you the inspiration to start commenting on rowing on Facebook and what made you decide to share it with the rowing community in October 2012?

I wanted to create a page that would become popular within the rowing community. Finding out what people really think about rowing is hilarious, especially when someone you know sends in a confession.

Without giving too much away, what is your rowing background?

I started rowing at the age of 13 for a local rowing club. As with most people, rowing quickly developed into a passion and a lifestyle. The highlight of my career so far is getting to Thursday at Henley Royal Regatta.

We all love reading your posts – Have you got a couple of favourites?

They are all pretty funny, but these are my favourites:

“I can’t pass a river without checking for crews on it”

“If I see someone on the ergo in the gym doing it wrong, I go and sit next to them and do it right hoping they will notice and do it right”

“I came to university to do a degree, then I took up rowing…”

Do your friends and family know your alter ego(s) and do you plan on ever revealing your true identity?

Only my closest friends know that I run the page. I don’t intend to purposely reveal my identity.

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