A Sock for all rowing seasons

Germans wearing rowing socks

Is choosing a rowing sock the ultimate geek’s paradise for fantasy shopping?  We decided to find out by running through the full list of different socks currently on the Rowperfect store.

Germans wearing rowing socks
Germans wearing rowing socks

Start with the all-rounder rowing sock

If you choose one sock for year round rowing – this is the one Ultra Light Rowing Socks.  It will perform well keeping your feet comfortable in most weathers. As an ankle sock which is also ultralight and waterproof with a high visibility yellow cuff it’s a simple choice and low cost.

Or your fun Rowing themed red and green socks – port and starboard one for each foot.

Now for the waterproof socks

There are a couple of options. If you want an Ultra Thin Waterproof Sock, this is your choice.  It won’t keep your feet warm in cooler temperatures, but you will still be able to wear the same size shoes.  Designed by the experts at Dexcel, this  sock is claimed as the world’s thinnest waterproof sock. The ultra-thin fabric is also very flexible, highly breathable and is bamboo lined making it antibacterial – nobody wants foot fungus!

The Ultra-Dry sock has dri-release Merino Wool liners making this sock a combination of quick drying, moisture wicking and odour elimination – so that’s a win-win-win. Includes a cushioned terry loop footbed for extra comfort.  It’s a bit thicker than the Ultra-thin sock.

If getting very wet feet is a problem you encounter, the Crosspoint range is worthy of your consideration.  Two designs, the original Crosspoint Crew Waterproof Wool sock which is described as “a sock that feels like a sock but protects like a rain bootie” and the 9% lighter Crosspoint Hi-Viz Crew Waterproof sock.

Warm rowing socks

Our easy-choice basic Warm rowing sock is a lightweight style incorporating a merino wool lining complete with terry loop cushion padding from toe to heel providing exceptional comfort.  So it warms the soles of your feet using good old fashioned sheep wool in little loops (that’s the terry loop thing – it’s not a bloke in the pub).


Rowing socks

Ultra Thin Waterproof and Windproof Socks

Ultralite Rowing Socks for everyday rowing

Ultra Dry Rowing Socks

Warm Rowing and Outdoor Socks

Crosspoint Hi-Viz Waterproof Socks

Crosspoint Waterproof Wool Socks



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