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A crew story – the Bristol women go on camp

5 weeks to go until Women’s Henley…and the pressure is mounting. I can see it in the girls, and I can feel it in myself too.

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5 weeks to go until Women’s Henley…and the pressure is mounting.  I can see it in the girls, and I can feel it in myself too.

Last weekend we went to Henley for a training camp: Leander Club kindly hosted and gave us access to their incredible facilities (a special thank you goes to Mark Banks and Lavinia Cowell-Sherriff).  Just being there was so inspiring and electrifying!

The programme was composed of two training sessions: one in the morning (mainly technical and with short bursts) and one in the afternoon (with longer pieces).

In both sessions having the Coxmate STC was invaluable; for our coach who could get immediate feedback on the technical modifications that he was introducing, for me who as a cox, could see what was happening at each moment and also for the girls, where it was comparable to sitting on an erg and constantly knowing their splits.

As well as being able to check the speed of the boat, the other feature of the Coxmate I am also starting to appreciate is being able to determine the cover between strokes.  Our last few outings have been focussed on length and how to achieve it by tweaking different aspects of the stroke, (the finishes and the patience at the catch, just to name a couple of areas where we have made good progress).  Being able to see what the cover is, not only sharpens how I feel the boat running, but it is an objective measure that can be taken into consideration when applying changes.

[Editors note: cover means distance moved per stroke.]

There is another characteristic of the Coxmate that I really like: its ease of use.  Once the mounting base has been plugged in and secured on the boat, there are no wires to continuously connect and disconnect when getting in and out of the boat as the Coxmate is magnetically attached to its base.  Simple.

For the girls it was a long and hard training camp, but we all came away knowing that we improved our technique, that we are better and stronger than we were a week ago and that hopefully we can channel that pressure into something explosive in 5 weeks time.

Next stop: Met regatta.

Diego Colantoni

Next: Commitment is tested.

City of Bristol Rowing Club – cox

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