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Olympic Rowing Liveblog – M2x Final

Great Britain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy GB and Slovenia take a few inches on Lithuania. They … read more

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Great Britain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy
GB and Slovenia take a few inches on Lithuania. They lead the pack by half a length. Spik and Cop press ahead and move to half a length’s lead; now moving to a length!. Argentina have pushed into second. GB a foot behind. 750m. The other three boats are in a line for fourth, two-thirds down on GB. New Zealand and Italy move to within a canvas of GB. Spik Cop can’t break free and are held to a length. Italy’s move continues and brings them into second. Are they sheltered by the bank in the crosswind? Italy even now moving up on Slovenia! Coming into the flat water from the grandstand wind shadow, New Zealand come into third and now second. Slovenia lift. Italy and New Zealand rating high. Slovenia with heavy strokes into the line. New Zealand steal it. Italy second. Slovenia drop to third. Argentina fourth. GB drift over the line in fifth. Lithuania sixth.

Is the crosswind from lane 6 to 1 giving unfair conditions in the middle 1000m? Italy and New Zealand finished very quickly, but the last 500m is definitely fair due to the wind shadow from the grandstand. Crews towards lane 1 may have to work harder through the middle. Can;t take anything away from New Zealand’s finish though. They paced the race perfectly. Great racing.


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